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Rainforests are disappearing. Animals are dying. Oceans are polluted with plastics. Ice caps are melting. The planet is dying. Who’s to blame? Humans. But we can make a change together through Jungle Lovers!


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Jungle Lovers

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Who        we are     

JUNGLE LOVERS is a new crypto currency on the Binance Smart Chain. Our focus is to do our best in helping the ever evolving climate problem our World is facing.
We are a community charity token, giving our holders a voice that will be heard.


Jungle Lovers 

Our focus is to help save the planet and it's inhabitants because this is what we got.

No space shuttle or new planet, can replace the mighty beauty of our beloved Earth, and all of it's inhabitants.

2% of purchases and sales go straight back to the PLANET



Jungle Lovers is a real project of the community and for the community (This is NOT a scam). We are ready and excited to reach the moon and beyond with our fellow holders... but do not fear, we will remain here on earth because she needs us, BUY our token and join a true family committed to caring for nature and animals.

Our Planet is running out every day, we can save it together 


Amazon deforestation video - Roads 

Animals in Danger 


Great People Make a Great World
we have to be better every day

When we reach our first 50,000 holders, we will make our first donation of $ 15,000 to the One Tree Planted foundation to be able to plant 15,000 trees. ($ 1.00 one tree)

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